Healthy sweet snack

Who said snacking should only be salty? A natural candy without preservatives and dyes for an afternoon snack will improve your mood and energize you to complete all work issues. Therefore, you can not give up your favorite sweets on a long trip, because nothing will harm the safety of the candy. With this breakfast, a productive morning begins for many residents of the metropolis, but we want to remind you that this is also a great snack. For lovers of crunchiness, 4 types of our granola and crunch will be to your taste. They can be eaten on their own, garnished with smoothie bowls and desserts, or added to smooth coconut yogurt.
The best time for such a snack is a large gap between lunch and dinner. For example, if you usually have lunch at 13 o'clock and dinner at 19, a snack at 16-17 with a portion of nuts or seeds with dried fruits will be very appropriate. Choose nuts and seeds not fried, but dried in the oven. High-quality dried fruits are dark, shriveled, with dust, without cracks. Try to buy dried fruits in transparent packaging - so you can immediately appreciate the color and suspicious luster of the fruit. Choose dates with pits, raisins and prunes with stalks. Before use, any dried fruits should be soaked in water for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with running water. On the Internet, you will find many variations of toast and nut butter sandwiches, because this is a really nutritious snack option. We recommend that you use rice cakes for the base, add peanut or almond paste and decorate the dish with berries.

Healthy snack to lose weight

If your goal is to lose those extra pounds and you are looking for a healthy and healthy snack, then hummus will do the job perfectly. Crispy vegetables will complement the chickpea paste, tahini paste and olive oil: cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, celery. True connoisseurs will love our Hummus with Spirulina. Eat tasty and balanced meals, including nutritious main courses and delicious snacks in your diet. For more healthy snack recipes, check out the Recipes section of our blog.